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I'm not sure if this is okay for me to post, so you can delete it if it's not.

On PBS the other night, there was a documentary called "Border Jumpers". It was about citizens from Zimbabwe jumping the border over to Botswana in order to find work. Apparently, Botswana's economy has become stable and they are becoming more prosperous. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe, it is not the same. An electric fence seperates the two countries, and it is there because of the cattle that wandered into Botswana from Zimbabwe, infecting the cows in Botswana. It serves a double purpose though, because it helps to keep illegal immigrants out.

If Botswana relaxes its immigration restrictions, then there would be an influx of people coming into Botswana, crashing the economy and taking all the jobs for the Botswanans. At the same time though, what are the people of Zimbabwe supposed to do? They have families and they deserve to provide for them.

So what do you think? Should Botswana let the people of Zimbabwe into their country, or keep them out?

I just think it's a shame that the government of Zimbabwe cannot provide the rights that they

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And The Result Is...

The G8 meeting has finished. It did not reach all expectations, but it is good under the circumstances. Blair was the main one demanding change, and his mind was elsewhere, and he was indeed travelling non-stop from London to Edinburgh.

  • Increasing aid.
  • Cancelling some of the debts of the world's poorest countries, with fewer conditions applied to them.
  • Access to AIDS treatment for all by 2010.

There are two more crucial talks. They are the UN Millennium Development Goals summit and the World Trade Organisation talks, which if I am not mistaken take place at the end of this year in December in Hong Kong. Lets hope all is safe there.

At a time when terrorists have shown such disregard for our shared humanity, Make Poverty History is a living embodiment of it.

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LIVE8. G8. BE GR8.

The Live8 concerts are over. And weren't they amazing!!
In London I especially loved Annie Lennox and Robbie Williams. In Philadelphia it was the Kaiser Chiefs and Bon Jovi.

Awareness of the situation has been accomplished.
If people didn't know what it was about before, they sure do now!

Now it all lies in the hands of the G8.
Lets hope they make the right decision.

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Labour's Promise

A message from Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer:

"I wanted to update you about last Saturday's G8 finance ministers' summit, which I believe will be remembered as the 100 per cent debt relief summit. But it was also about doubling aid to Africa, a new plan to help all Aids sufferers and fair trade for the poorest countries. Tony [Blair - Prime Minister] and I are proud that with a Labour presidency of the G8 and the EU we have the opportunity to change the world for the better.

I visited Africa and saw for myself the abject poverty but also great potential. I will never forget the 12- year-old orphan girl I met. Her parents had died from Aids. She was already sick from tuberculosis. She was shunted from distant relative to distant relative. At an age when you should be optimistic and joyful with all your life in front of you, I could see only desolation in her eyes. As I planned Saturday's summit, that young girl's desolation was at the forefront of my thoughts.

Every child is precious. It is because as parents we believe that every child is unique and deserves care that the world must act. The summit wrote off $55billion of debts but went far beyond debt cancellation - with a plan for $40billion extra aid; a timetable for ending protectionist export subsidies, and new funds to tackle the scourge of HIV/Aids, TB and malaria.

Fair trade is critical because protectionism destroys not only livelihoods but lives. The meeting demanded an end to unfair subsidies that do most for the wealthiest farmers in Europe but harm the poorest workers in Africa.

I know you share my hope that instead of the desolation I saw, there can be a new faith that tomorrow can be better than today."

Labour's Promise

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