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I'm not sure if this is okay for me to post, so you can delete it if it's not.

On PBS the other night, there was a documentary called "Border Jumpers". It was about citizens from Zimbabwe jumping the border over to Botswana in order to find work. Apparently, Botswana's economy has become stable and they are becoming more prosperous. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe, it is not the same. An electric fence seperates the two countries, and it is there because of the cattle that wandered into Botswana from Zimbabwe, infecting the cows in Botswana. It serves a double purpose though, because it helps to keep illegal immigrants out.

If Botswana relaxes its immigration restrictions, then there would be an influx of people coming into Botswana, crashing the economy and taking all the jobs for the Botswanans. At the same time though, what are the people of Zimbabwe supposed to do? They have families and they deserve to provide for them.

So what do you think? Should Botswana let the people of Zimbabwe into their country, or keep them out?

I just think it's a shame that the government of Zimbabwe cannot provide the rights that they

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